In the era prior to 17th century, people used to wash their clothes in the nearby river in groups. There was no expert machinery for stain removal hence they used to use wooden bats and boards. Later a more systematic method was adopted by the people, they started washing their clothes on a metal board using hard bar soap and a tub of hot water. But not all were able to afford this hence a few people who could have afforded this started cleaning clothes of other people for a price and hence the laundry business came into existence.

Gradually, these laundries developed into more Hi Tech and modern laundries as and when new technology came into being. Today, laundries have made a revolution with the ‘Live Laundry’ concept across the globe. In India too, International Dry cleaning brands have established a strong foothold in the laundry business focusing on major metros like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru etc. But all these Hi Tech frills are limited to a very small fraction of the society as many may not afford the services due to inflated and unreal price policy of the companies available in India.

Fabric Friend has launched a ‘Live Dry Clean’ concept where all machines are on display so that the customer knows, at , we actually Dry clean. And that too at the prices of the local dhobi. Hence, Fabric Friend has bridged the gap between the Indian masses and the State-of-the-Art European Dry Clean concept.